I was born and raised in New Jersey.  I worked hard through school and college, and right away found a great employer, climbed the ranks, and held a respectable position.  After almost a decade of working there, I realized my life was no longer fulfilling me - I was living life on auto-pilot, but truly living.  I was overweight and living an unhealthy lifestyle.  I felt spiritually disconnected, and lonely. often numbing the pain with either food or shopping.  I was miserable.  

After years of going through the motions, I realized how frustrated I was with the state of my life, and I took ownership of the conditions I had created for myself, the very conditions I had come to despise. I knew there were more options to improve my life, but didn’t necessarily know where to look.  Or, I would look everywhere, expecting to find the answer laid out somewhere.  

Other motivational speakers often gave me some great material to go home and ponder, but I realized I had to be the one to implement my newfound lessons. Through a beautiful set of “coincidences,” I attended a Tony Robbins seminar, a mere 4 days before I was going to be moving back home to North Jersey, and a week before I’d be starting in a new location at my job.  I got some clarity at the seminar, and I had enough sense to realize I was being given a new beginning, so it was time to get to work.  I was so tired of the old way, and I leaned in to a new life.  

I created momentum.  I took control and made my life one of my choosing.  I gained clarity for what I wanted, and got the fulfillment I once lacked.  Now that I was open to change, inspiration reached me in new ways, that allowed me to take risks and challenge previous assumptions I once made about life.  It was at this point that I lost over 100 pounds in a year.  The weight loss was truly a catalyst, that allowed me to feel empowered to make other changes that were necessary in myeline.  I quit smoking, removed toxic relationships, surrounded myself with positive people, and I found my passion - helping people elevate the quality of their lives, through coaching.  

I truly believe each and every person has the ability to change their lives - whether it is a small dissatisfaction, or a series of things that make them unhappy.  But this always starts with the courage to change, because the truth is, sometimes change can feel hard.  No matter what, though, true change is internal, and it’s an inside job - mindset is the difference maker.  As a coach, I work to empower my clients and help them gain clarity, so they can make the right choices for them.