Stressed does not even begin to describe life right now. You’re in a vicious cycle where every single day feels like you’re on repeat. The second you finish one task, you’re racing to the next. You have dreams and goals, but you’re needed for so much, there’s just no time to give to yourself.

If you have a sick family member, or an actual disaster happens at work, it feels as though the little bit of a grip you actually had on your day slips away. By the time you get home in the evenings, the intentions you had of cleaning your apartment, or actually doing something for yourself seem to fly out the window.  Because you’re just so exhausted.  

You know at your core that you could handle everything a little better, if only you could just catch your breath. But there never seems to be enough hours in the day.  

I know what it's like to be frustrated because you know you're strengths, but you just can't seem to get the damn stress you’re swimming in OUT of the way long enough to actually take action. I lived in that space. For years. I knew I was good at things - I knew I was good at my job, I was compassionate, and when I really put my mind to something, I could do It.  

But no matter how hard I seemed to try, I just couldn't get out of my own way. It was so frustrating to know that if I focused long enough, I could do It, but I continued seeing myself stuck in my every day life. The overwhelm and exhaustion I was cycling through on the daily were drowning my motivation, and I knew if I could just crawl my way back to a sense of internal rest, I COULD find my way to my dreams….

Now, I live a life I am proud of - I am in control of my time and my days, and because of this, I have the mental energy to go after what I want, and make my life truly of my choosing!  If I had an ounce of this awareness back in my "exhausted" days, It would have been a game changer! 

While getting my certification to be a coach, I became a practitioner of an amazing tool - The Energy Leadership Index (ELI). The only thing I hate about this tool is how clinical the title sounds. It is truly amazing, because It provides such deep awareness and insight, and gives people the practical application methods that work for them to immediately shift from overwhelm into empowerment and action

If you are more stressed, or have unique triggers NOW, this assessment picks up on that, so It is more real time then most assessments out there.If you've ever thought, "I thought I would make a change today, but tomorrow will be the day," this process can help you immensely.  

Don't wait another day to start taking steps to get control in your own life.  

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The Energy Leadership Index is here - A Mirror That Reflects Your World.

I know, the name sounds super clinical - but here’s the deal - The Energy Leadership™ Index (E.L.I.) is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables individuals to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities. 

The E.L.I. gives you a baseline for your current performance and situation. The realizations that you'll gain from the Energy Leadership assessment and debrief process alone will change the way you view your world. 

The E.L.I can support you to:

  • Break down the things you are really good at (and probably include things you may have forgotten).

  • Expose your guiding beliefs, that lead you to make the decisions you do

  • What patterns you engage in when you are stressed

  • What things in your life are currently draining you big time, and what things are causing your energy to slowly leak

  • Finally pin point why you feel so exhausted, even after getting a full night sleep (or what is playing over and over again in your head causing you to not get any sleep at all)

Background of the E.L.I - An attitudinal assessment

There are two main types of assessments: Personality and Attitudinal. Personality based assessments, such as Myers Briggs and D.I.S.C. are very valuable tools that pinpoint certain personality types so that people can have more of an understanding about what their strengths and weaknesses are. By understanding your personality and how it relates to what you do, you can adapt your behavior to "work with what you have," to function effectively.

The E.L.I. is an attitudinal assessment, which is based on an energy/action model. This assessment differs from personality assessments as it is not intended to label a person and have them work well within that label. Instead, it measures your level of energy based on your attitude, or perception and perspective of your world. Because attitude is subjective, it can be altered. By working with a coach using the E.L.I., you can alter your attitude and perspective, make a shift in your consciousness, and increase your energy and your leadership effectiveness. 

There are no limits as to the potential growth you can achieve.  Once you realize that your level of consciousness is directly related to your actions, you can move from functioning effectively, to functioning optimally.  

As part of the Energy Leadership Index assessment and debrief process, you'll learn about how much energy you currently have in the draining, suppressing range and in the fueling, inspirational range.  You'll be debriefed on the findings of the assessment, and coached on how to navigate yourself to higher performance.

With the purchase of the Energy Leadership Index with me, you get - 

  • The assessment

  • a 90 minute call breaking down your results, mixed in with coaching and guidance to switch the patterns you’re in

  • An emailed summary of your assessment results

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Here’s what people are saying about the E.L.I….

“It has been a true blessing to work with Sarah and have her as my coach. We did the assessment together and the results are so interesting. You will not only learn more about yourself, but also identify triggers and areas you need to work on that you may not have thought about before.

This has been crucial in my personal development and my work with Sarah. Sarah is so patient and helps break down all the findings so that you can apply this new knowledge to be happier and more on purpose. This assessment alone is a great investment and is seven better when you add it to the coaching package. You will not be disappointed!”

- Stefanie S.

“Hey! I just wanted to tell you how amazing our session was! I have never dug that deep or have taken that close a look at my personal life ever! It really showed me that I carry too much with me sometimes and I need to learn to let go of things that haunted me so long ago!

It felt/feels really good to see that I can better control my life by reminding myself (like you showed me I am capable of doing) that I am strong enough to separate things that had happened and things that CAN be! I appreciate you so much for everything and all the time you took for me with this especially the follow up report you wrote out!! I highly recommend this to any one and everyone!”

- Liz P.

“I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what the assessment really entailed and I was a little hesitant at first. She told me that I would find a lot of value in it, and having had her as my coach (and having had such a great experience with that), I knew I had to try it. And it was both enlightening and uplifting.

Once again, Sarah was there, guiding me through the results, but, in a way, it was like she wasn’t there at all. The whole thing felt like a truly introspective journey. I came face to face with myself - my goals, my desires, my thoughts. Even my strengths and weaknesses.

Looking through that mirror made me feel positive, hopeful and proud of myself. Honestly, it was a great experience and I learned a lot about who I am and who I want to be. I highly recommend giving the assessment a try. What you discover could really change your mind - and your life.”

-Jezabel S.


If you are ready to break the patterns of feeling stuck…

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What happens when you purchase your assessment:

Upon purchasing your ELI Assessment, you will be directed to schedule a call with me, and within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive an email from me to take the assessment. As you take the assessment, it is important that you answer each question as you really are, not as you aspire to be. 

A day before our call, I will send you an email with some information for you to review, and then on the magical day you’ve chosen for our chat, we will connect and I will walk you through your results. When we are done, you will walk away with a blueprint of your energy and the awareness to be at choice with your decisions.  

This assessment is one of my favorite things to do with clients because the clarity and awareness I have seen people gain is amazing. It’s a gentle approach that allows you to go deep. It’s beneficial as people are moving towards goals - whether they are around actual achievements, interpersonal relationships, leadership, or all of the above.  

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About Sarah

Sarah is a trained practitioner of the Energy Leadership Assessment, a powerful tool to spotlight how you show up when you're stressed vs. not stressed, and give you a beautiful overview of how to choose simple habits & patterns in your day, and in your thoughts, to truly create a thriving life in your career and your personal relationships.  

This assessment is dynamic, in that it allows the participant to truly gain awareness on how they show up in their own lives. Sarah will lead you through a 90-minute debrief, holding space as you explore the information together. 30-days later, she provides a coaching session, to discuss anything that has come up after your initial deep dive.  

Taking the Energy Leadership Assessment is a powerful way to spotlight how you show up when you're stressed vs. not stressed, and give you a beautiful overview of how to choose simple habits & patterns in your day, and in your thoughts, to truly create a thriving life in your career and your personal relationships.

To learn more about Sarah - click here.

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