My Secret


Since starting my weight loss journey in 2015, people often ask me, “What's your secret?”  And every time I look at someone after they’ve asked me that question, or some variation of it, I see the same look.  I see someone who is almost begging to hear an answer that will spark something.  Something that will make it all seem easier.  Something that will inspire them, and turn on a little light switch. 

I tell them all the same thing, “Yes, it’s about moving more and eating less, but the most important shift for me was my mind sight - really believing I could do it.”  

That’s really it.  THAT’s the answer.  And I get some people who look at me in disbelief, and some others who ask questions.  But it took me simplifying a pretty simple concept - that I could do anything I put my mind to - to conquer a challenge I’ve been going after my whole life - my weight. 

Rather than focusing on moving more and eating less, I started from the inside out.  I focused more energy on my mind sight, and looked for new ways of shifting my perception.  With this came moving more and eating less, but they were now at the effect of my decision.  This shift has made all the difference in the world.  It has made the journey easier, more enjoyable, and one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  

As I continued on my journey, and I found myself posting either milestones of my weight loss, or quotes that reminded me of where I had been or where I’m going, I started using the hashtag #insidejob.  Because it was the inner work that got me to where I was going.  

I became my own biggest cheerleader, but also my biggest competition.  I focused on progress - as long as I was better then I was the last time, I was pleased with my effort.  And if I wasn’t better, but I learned something, especially when I learned something that would help me later pick up speed, then it was still worthy of a celebration, and I was also grateful.

After several posts of #insidejob, it really started to become a sort of mantra, the simplest incantation of my soul.  It was spilling in to other areas of my life, too.  I started realizing that my approach to weight loss, and shifting my perception, worked in other areas, too.  Suddenly, a simple shift and determination to lose weight became a catalyst in elevating the quality of my entire life.  

As I was posting pictures of my weight loss on social media, I was getting texts and replies of, “Wow!  You look great but you look SO HAPPY!”  And I was. 

13 months and over one hundred pounds later, I am living a life of my choosing.  I never thought a simple decision to lose weight would result in a ripple effect the size of the one created last year.  

They say that some of the best crimes in history are inside jobs - the criminal knows the lay of the land, they know the secrets, they know information they shouldn’t, and that’s why those crimes go unsolved.  And it makes me smile sometimes, thinking that I’ve used that strategy to really shift my life.

It was one of the best decisions of my life.  

Weight loss is an inside job. Getting what you want in life is an inside job.  Conquering fears is an inside job.  Pushing outside of your comfort zone is an inside job.  

Happiness is an inside job. 

Can it be tough?  Sometimes.

Is it worth it?  Absolutely.

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Sarah Wahiba Senan