Finally Here!


When I was younger, I loved writing.  I would write poems, short stories, fan fiction, song lyrics.  I remember one time I had full intentions of writing a book.  I got such joy from it.  And I felt I had a talent.  

When I was in my twenties, I learned that as a baby, my parents took me to a palm reader, and they were told I was going to be a writer. 

It all made sense. 

But then I just stopped writing.  It was at some point in college.  I don’t remember exactly when, or why.  This funny thing happened though.  Not only did I forget how much I loved writing, I forgot I had a talent.  I didn’t write anything for years. 

Coaching came on to my horizon in the form of having a life coach in 2015.  And then later that year, wanting to be a life coach myself landed in my lap later that year.  Then I got certified the following year.  And every time I was thinking of how I’d build my business, I noticed a few things

  1. There were a lot of things I felt I “should” do
  2. A lot of coaches had blogs
  3. I accepted I’d have one, and through all of that
  4. My blog didn’t feel like a “should.”  It didn’t feel like a “must,” even.  

It felt like a yes, please.  

But then something else happened - I got in my way.  I thought what if people don’t want to read it?  What if I can’t put out that much content?  And it got messy in the pile of “shoulds.”  I would actually write blog posts, and save them, not ready to share them, or maybe just too scared.  

In the last 6 months, I stopped following shoulds, and starting following yes’s in my business.  And my blog was still a yes.  But now I have a lot more clarity around it.  

It’s really an extension of my online presence.  There are things I don’t feel fit in my weekly emails.  And sometimes my Instagram posts get too long for my liking.  But there’s stuff I want to get out there.  And my blog feels right.  

There are also stories that I want to put out there - lessons, mostly small but some big, that I want to share.  

As I have gone through this journey of branding, launching my site, having fun with content creation, and just trying stuff out, the Yes got more and more clear.  A blog feels like the missing piece of my online presence. 

My blog is definitely the most personal piece of this puzzle.  It’s the most work in progress.  But it’s actually the most raw.  

And because of that, I have made myself a promise that if I’m going through something, I won’t share it.  Once I have gone through it, I will share - messy parts and all - but not when I’m still processing the vulnerability.  And this has nothing to do with putting perfection out there, because I am actually all about embracing progress over perfection.  This has everything to do with a mess needing to evolve in to a message.  There is a certain clarity that comes from processing vulnerability.    

So now that my blog is live, I invite you to read my stories.  My intention now is to update it weekly, sharing pieces of my journey with you.  There are actually two posts up there now - one from 2 years ago that was posted, and this one.  I opted to keep the older one up because I felt It was such an important part of my journey two years ago, when I first started the blog.  I also kind of love that I can see the growth in my own journey, and feel It provides a good comparison. 

Enjoy the blog.  Share it out if a story resonates.  And thank you for allowing me space to share the other pieces of me.