I really do believe that through my journey, there have been mostly little things that have made radical shifts in my life.  It’s not just the tagline in my business - it’s the tagline because it’s truly shaped the life I am living now.  

And gratitude has certainly been one of those little things.  

Flashback to 4 years ago, and I was really just going through the motions in my life.  (If you flashback to 9 years ago, it was the same, too).  I didn’t know how to break free from the noise of work, and what I felt life was just going to be.  

In early 2015, a quote entered my horizon.  (Before I share the quote, I think this is a good time to say that before this point in my life, I thought It was the most ridiculous thing ever when someone would say a quote changed their life.  After this point, I knew what they meant.)

The quote was from Tony Robbins.  “Trade your expectation to appreciation, and the whole quality of your life changes.”  

It was as if a light bulb went off.  This quote made me realize I was expecting so much, but once I got what I was expecting to happen, I was on to the next big thing.  Or on to the next little thing.  I was just going from thing to thing, never taking a beat. 

At that point, I had also started actually meditating (another small thing with a big impact).  I incorporated a gratitude practice into my meditations.  And from this place, I was slowing down.  And appreciating each and every thing.  I started to actually see, and then appreciate, the tiniest of steps.  The smallest of victories.  The shifts that others probably never even saw until they amounted up.  And the gratitude came in waves.    

My gratitude practice has changed through the years.  As I’ve evolved, so has It.  But here’s the beauty of it - it’s not a magical practice that erases all the bad things, or removes all the challenges, or makes everything better.  Life still happens.  But gratitude expands your focus.  I wasn’t just focusing on my goals, my life, planning, and on the challenges that came up.  I was focusing on all of that AND what was going well.  It allowed me to see the beauty in the process, and well, be grateful for It.  

Earlier this year, I started sharing my “Daily Dose of Gratitude” on my IG Stories.  And It was great.  I got a ton of feedback on It.  I’ve since stopped sharing as consistently, but here’s a full circle moment in that portion of my gratitude journey - I was doing some deep work with my own life coach.  I was healing, getting comfortable with being seen, owning that I was worthy of my desires, and literally dismantling patterns that were almost second nature for me, but needed to evolve so I could.  And while I was doing that, I showed up daily on IG, sharing what I was most grateful for in my life.  I didn’t purposely plan this out, but I know in my heart that my gratitude practice WHILE I was doing some heavy work actually gave me a sense of balance.  The work didn’t go away, it wasn't any easier.  What I focused on was expanded, though.

Gratitude doesn't have to be formal.  It’s doesn’t have to be a big to-do.  It doesn’t have to be public.  The only “must” to gratitude is truly feel It.  Acknowledge It with yourself.  Slowly trade your expectation for appreciation, and witness how the flow of your life will shift.  

Sarah Wahiba Senan