Leaders need support, too.

For 13 years, I worked in middle management at a Fortune 50 company. Each day I was met with the challenge of maintaining a pulse on both the humanness of my employees, and the trajectory of the work before us. I held the vision, and the space for my people to execute that vision - and I learned something critical in that time:

Business is not a balance between business and people - it’s a constant investment in the care for your people. End of story. Because without your people, no matter how much “business” you have, you’ve got nothing.

In order to be a great leader, to be able to get people excited on board every day, in order to navigate challenge and execute strategy with ease and efficiency….the leader needs space to be lead. To learn how to release control, to work through their own hiccups, stress, anxiety, and clarity.

And that’s where I come in.

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The pillars of sustainable success start with you.

We are in a time where the bottom line matters more than ever. Margins are tighter. The turnaround time quicker. And everyday a new project presents itself. You and your people rise to the occasion the best you can, but perhaps you’re feeling the strain. Turnover rates in your team are getting higher. You and your people talk about fatigue and stress more than you do joy and excitement…You do your best to acknowledge and honor individuals for their contributions and commitments, but at the same time, they’re just not giving what you need. It’s a tough line to toe…

And let’s face it - you like what you do, but something’s gotta give.

The struggle to find the middle ground between accepting your people as people and running a business doesn’t require, “how are we gonna solve global warming?” level stress and struggle….all it requires is your honest commitment to showing up as the best, balanced version of YOU everyday, so you can hold that space for the best versions of your people.

Rolling out successful company programs can coexist simultaneously with the space for each individual’s voice to be heard, needs met, and emotional wellbeing taken care of.

If you and/or your leaders are ready to:

  • Reduce conflict

  • Foster more harmonius teamwork

  • Lead more productive meetings

  • Laugh together more than you sigh and vent

  • Create outstanding customer service experiences

  • Lower turnover rates & keep your employees long term

  • Enjoy life outside of work more

  • Get laser focused

  • Lean into a deeper space of personal balance

  • Learn to delegate responsibility

  • Understand how to make clear, effective career decisions

  • Cultivate a deeper sense of ease and reduce daily stress

  • Find greater ability to follow all the way through on tasks at hand

  • Embody a greater sense of confidence and clarity on what you offer the workplace

  • Learn how to communicate more effectively & with more empathy

Then it’s time explore executive leadership coaching with Sarah.

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What is executive leadership coaching & what does it entail?

Executive leadership coaching is a form of professional development for managers, leaders, and executives. Coaching is highly customized, and consequently personal. It takes in to account an individuals own obstacles and personal and professional goals.

Through executive leadership coaching, you cultivate and refine:

  • Communication - you learn how to clearly and effectively convey your ideas and needs with bosses, peers, reports, customers, investors, and so on

  • Delivery - you learn what is required for you to consistently delivery business results that meet or exceed the competition, and/or forecast

  • Leadership - you learn how to manage your team in an efficient and effective manner

  • Support - You learn how to foster an ongoing environment of developmental opportunities and support for others

  • Innovation - You learn how to use encouragement & celebration to continually uphold an environment of innovation

  • Steadiness - You learn how to maintain vigilance with costs, quality and customer service AND your sanity

Coaching can take place in 1:1 settings, group settings, or workshop settings! Sarah offers these individually as well as in packages for your whole team. To discuss your current needs as a company, email Sarah via the button below.

Why me?

Having worked in middle management of a Fortune 50 company for 13 years, I understand the personal and professional challenges that come along with running a team. As I toed the line between needing to support the business and my people, and navigated an ever changing environment with competing priorities, I learned how to problem solve. I learned how to build cohesive teams. And I learned how to do it with minimal stress. I also learned that it’s possible to do all of this….and still have a thriving personal life with the time and space to invest in what brings you the most joy.

My executive leadership coaching programs combine my extensive years of training and successful execution in thriving business, as well as my professional coaching expertise, into a custom experience for you, your leaders, and your team.

I know your needs may not be the same as another company’s. I’d be concerned if they were!

If you’re ready to step into the next level of success and sustainability in your business, email me and we will arrange a time to talk through what problems you are looking to solve & put together a custom plan to lead you to success!