Understanding What Coaching's All About

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What’s the difference between a life coach and a therapist?

The way I view It is a life coach is forward facing, often hired to help or guide a client towards a goal, through a partnership.  A therapist is more cleansing, doing work to help release energy of the past.  Both are important, both are necessary at different points, but each requires their own set of skills, as well as different certifications and schooling.  

What does it mean to be a certified life coach?

Life coaching is an unregulated industry.  The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the governing association, though, who has warranted some study programs and schools as comprehensive enough to certify an individual.  The programs provide a certain number of hours in hands on training, a certain number of hours in the classroom setting, and certain number of hours actually coaching.  You can find more information at www.icf.org.  

Are you certified?

Yes, I am a certified professional coach (cpc) through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), which is also accredited under ICF.

What kind of advice do you give?

I actually don’t give advice!  As a coach, It is my role to hold space for you, ask the right questions, and combine these two things with a feeling of accountability to assist you as you move toward your goals and potential.  I may also listen, hold space, and acknowledge what you are sharing.  The client dictates the direction the session goes in.

What does It mean to hold space?

You know when you ask a teacher a question, and their response is just to look at you with this all knowing gaze and suddenly you have your own answer? That's the premise!  I honor your agenda and where you want to go, and my whole role is to support you, and facilitate the space you need to process.  

What does a session look like with you?

Sessions could take many forms.  I love starting off celebrating whatever milestones the client has hit since the last session, addressing anything that has come up between sessions, and then asking the client what they would like to accomplish in the current session.  We will usually end with a recap in some way.  

Why should I trust you?

I am a compassionate, empathetic person.  And I truly believe my best qualities shine when I am coaching a client.  I enter each session with a client with curiosity, leaving judgement at the proverbial door, and honor where ever the client is as exactly where they should be.  

What about this assessment you offer?

The Energy Leadership Index actually has a name that makes It sound stuffy, but It offers a ton of insight!  It helps level your perception, and with that information, allows us to discuss in great detail how you show up in your optimal state, how you show up when stressed, what some of your greatest strengths are, and what may be holding you back in reaching your potential!  It takes about 20 minutes to take, and an hour and a half to be debriefed.  It’s invaluable in providing insight.  

How do I know coaching works?

Coaching is a process.  A lot happens and can be uncovered in a session.  When I was in training, my instructor said, “The magic often happens between sessions.” It’s all about showing up, doing the work, and acknowledging why you may be afraid to doing the work.  

What guarantees do I have that it will work for me?

There are no guarantees.  If you show up, are accountable, and are willing to stretch outside of your comfort zone, though, magic can happen.

How do I know we will work well together?

I offer a 25 minute Meet & Greet call. Click here to book yours!  During this call, you can feel free to ask me any questions about my style and about life coaching.  We will also get to know each other. Coaching is not just a financial investment, but a personal and emotional one, so I want to ensure that my potential clients feel incredibly comfortable with me before we proceed with a package.  

When will our sessions be?

My schedule is mostly nights, with some days, and even some Saturday mornings.  I have found that a lot of clients work full time, and want to fit their sessions in at night or on the weekends.  

What’s the difference between you and others ?

There are different types of coaches for different goals.  Each coach comes with a different depth of knowledge.  My expertise is helping women gain control of their lives, through baby steps.  I am passionate about helping women grow, achieve their greatest lives, while taking baby steps in the process.  I am so not about a big, sudden change, if It can be helped, because I believe It can sometimes be too jolting and stunt our growth.  I also come with my own experiences - I was once obese and a workaholic, truly believing there wasn’t enough time in the day.  You can read more about my journey in my About Me page, but I made my own changes and created a life for myself that was of my choosing, that I am beyond grateful for.  After going through It myself, I had the realization that I could help others do the same thing in their own lives.  Not only could I, I should, because we all deserve to take control back of our own lives.  From there, anyone can have the joy they have been hoping for.