Time is not working against you.
It's just asking you to take a closer look at how you're spending it.

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When I was really starting to gain traction in my own evolution and truly start to feel the magnitude of my own power to create change, I realized that this power is inside of everyone.

+ If you find yourself constantly racing the clock...
+ If you can't figure out a way to spend more of your day YOUR way....
+ If your friends have just stopped calling because they know you're always working....
+ if you haven't been on a date in God knows how long....
+ If it feels like you're suffocating in someone else's life.....

you're on the brink of knowing what it is to truly start living,
It's time to learn to take back control of your life....

One baby step at a time.

I’ve seen so many coaches prescribe courses of action and spend hours simply doling out empty advice. My style of coaching takes root in the knowing that my clients already know the answers. My role as a coach is simply to provide the container and the support as you work through the process of sorting it all out.

I meet you exactly where they are. From that place, we uncover where you want to go, what's standing in the way of you getting there, develop a loving and fun course of action to gradually get there, and lay the foundations of support to carry you the whole way.

Life doesn’t have to be about the shoulds and the have to’s. There is so much more than that. And when you really tap into living life from that angle, choices and transition suddenly seems easy.

Waiting another day to change just means you get one less day in the life of your dreams....staRt now!

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I didn’t always see the value in a life coach. Why did I need someone telling me what to do with my life – or how to live it? But when a very close friend of mine told me about how it changed her life and how she learned so much from the experience, I decided to see for myself. And it was an experience. A life-changing, mind-shifting experience. And I owe that all to Sarah. Sarah did a phenomenal job of guiding me through my own self-conscious, navigating the clusters of thoughts in my head. She was not intrusive or prodding. Her questions felt like they were my own and she really helped me make sense of things.

Sarah is incredibly positive and encouraging, but more than that, she is thoughtful and you can tell that her intentions are genuinely to help you be the best version of yourself. But what truly fascinates me is how the coaching sessions felt so personal and intimate. Sarah was involved but not at the forefront of the conversations. Every session felt like a session with myself, my thoughts, my insecurities, my dreams. And every session, I learned how to have an amazing dialogue with myself. I learned to believe in myself and grew more and more comfortable challenging myself.

Twelve sessions later and I feel like a new me. Now, it’s not like my life is perfect or anything like that. But the way I see things is different. The way I make sense of the world feels different. The way I treat myself is different. The way I talk to myself is vastly different, too.

The phrase "I can't" has been removed from my vernacular almost entirely, replaced with "I can" and "I will." I acknowledge my fears and doubts, understand that they are a part of me, but don't let them rule me. And I feel like my relationships have gotten stronger because I am not afraid to share more of myself. Professionally, I have excelled too - getting promoted and really succeeding in the role. Plus, I've started writing again, something Sarah gave me the courage to dive back into.

Honestly, I feel like I have accomplished so much after my sessions – and know I have so much more to do! Sarah is truly an amazing coach and has taught me valuable life skills that will not be forgotten.

If you are looking to flip the script on how you see yourself and the world and want to unlock your potential, I cannot recommend Sarah as a coach enough.

Jezabel S.

Jezabel S.

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You know you're ready for some heavy lifting, but aren't sure how much support you'll need, or how long it will take...

Let's lay some solid foundations to create massive shifts in your life. Together we will spend 30-days diving deep into long standing patterns & habits that are keeping you stuck, and create simple, daily steps to set you free into your own life again. 

This Program Includes:

+ 30-days of unlimited email support
+ 4x 50-minute sessions

Click here & lay your foundations in JOY!


You're craving serious MAGIC and are ready to go on the journey inside your heart to find what makes you feel ALIVE....

Sarah is a trained practitioner of the Energy Leadership Assessment, a powerful tool to spotlight how you show up when you're stressed vs. not stressed, and give you a beautiful overview of how to choose simple habits & patterns in your day, and in your thoughts, to truly create a thriving life in your career and your personal relationships.  

This assessment is dynamic, in that it allows the participant to truly gain awareness on how they show up in their own lives.  Sarah will lead you through a 90-minute debrief, holding space as you explore the information together. 30-days later, she provides a coaching session, to discuss anything that has come up after your initial deep dive.  

This Program Includes:

+ 1 Set up Call (60 minutes)
+ 12x 50-minute sessions
+ Unlimited email support

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Always wondered how you can avoid the situations that drain all of your energy and just show up where you shine? 

Taking the Energy Leadership Assessment is a powerful way to spotlight how you show up when you're stressed vs. not stressed, and give you a beautiful overview of how to choose simple habits & patterns in your day, and in your thoughts, to truly create a thriving life in your career and your personal relationships.

This Program Includes:

+ 1x Energy Leadership Assessment Test
+ 1x 90-minute Debrief
+ 1x 50-minute follow up call 30 days after

Click here & lean into YOU!

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How does it work?

Click here & set up a free consultation call with Sarah where you guys will discuss your goals, desires, dreams, wishes, and make sure it's a fit to work together! 

If so, you'll dive into the program that is best for you right now and start the change you've always wished to see!

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