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"I had the pleasure of having Sarah come speak to my team for our first quarter meeting. She spoke about intention and goal setting. She came prepared and presented with ease and was extremely relatable. She using great examples to aid people in tapping into their why and how to get there. I highly recommend Sarah for group presentations and workshops. She is professional and will be able to customize the topics to any audience.

- Stefanie Savino, Bella Rococo Hair & Makeup 

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Desire Map Workshops

Why do we set goals but then not feel motivated to take a single step towards them? 

Or even more curious, have you ever worked hard to meet a goal, and then felt like shit when you arrived to meet it? 

In her Desire Map Workshops, Sarah leads you and your group through the process of shifting your focus from achieving a destination into how you want to FEEL.

From this foundation, you will then learn the simple process to achieving goals by keeping the focus set on feeling.

As a Desire Map licensee, Sarah is trained by Danielle Laporte - Desire Map founder - to lead workshops that help you and your group get clear on how you want to feel in ways that will support your life as a whole.

To chat with Sarah about setting up a Desire Mapping session for you and your group, please email her directly at sarah@sarahsenanwahiba.com.

Speaking & Custom Workshops

Sarah provides a powerful container to allow participants to step in to their goals and connect to their why.  She calls upon her own journey of transforming her life through self care and taking consistent action, and leverages that to inspire and motivate others.  Sarah infuses her talks with story telling, visualization, and reflections that empowers her audience, and meets them where they’re at.  Sarah’s approach leaves people feeling a sense of relief, heard, and inspired to pursue their own goals.  

Sarah custom creates workshops for audiences of all sizes based on the specific goals you have for your team.  She will work with you to decide what you want to leave your audience with, and then will carefully create an agenda to inspire and empower them.  

Topics can include Intention setting, expanding comfort zones, embracing creativity, and self care & productivity.  

If you're interested in learning more about the experience Sarah can set up for you and your audience, please email her directly at sarah@sarahsenanwahiba.com.



Vision Board Workshops

What if....Instead of cutting out a bunch of pictures, making a pretty collage, and then letting It sit in a pile under all of your other papers, you made a vision board that was a powerful tool to guide you through each day?

In her Vision Board Workshops, Sarah doesn’t start with the pictures - she starts with the why, leads you through the What, and then guides you on how to choose pictures that will anchor you in to get there.  Progress over perfection is the goal here.  

Sarah can lead a vision board workshop for you and your team to start the new year, to add a refresh, or as you roll out a new initiative.  To set up your vision board workshop, email her directly at sarah@sarahsenanwahiba.com.